The Finest Pianos in the World


Schulze-Pollmann’s entire manufacturing process adopts high quality standards, from the careful selection of materials to the final testing. Every one of the thousands of parts is manufactured with meticulous attention to assure the highest level of naturalness in tone quality and a great uniformity on the whole keyboard and building a beautiful playing experience. The pianos are of an unquestionable technical quality and compete amongst the best named pianos in the world and can express any field of music. The unique, artful cabinets that are the result of Schulze-Pollmann’s knowledge of traditional handcraft, Schulze-Pollmann pianos can complement or become the centre piece of any décor or environment.

Schulze-Pollmann sources the woods and materials very carefully with the overarching performance of the instrument always in mind. The soundboards and rims are made from Cierca, the famed red spruce from the Val-di Fiemme. If this sounds familiar it is because Antonio Stradivari found the woods for his famed violins from this mountain forest. Only Italian pianos go to such lengths for the sake of their instruments.

All Schulze Pollmann pianos undergo a process of constant improvement which is the result of careful studies that combine an illustrious tradition of piano-building and the experience of skilled craftsmen with the most up-to-minute digital sampling techniques and sophisticated mathematical models.