Ray Charles playing a Schulze Pollmann


I’m really glad I’ve known the new Schulze Pollmann pianos, that I believe to be among the best and that honour the Italian Industry
– Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli
My heart skipped a beat when I first saw one of these Italian/German hybrids. The cabinetwork is stunningly beautiful, with intricate but tasteful inlays, covered by a high-gloss polyester. It’s a work of art. It plays well, too. The sound is robust and clean, and particularly pleasant in the lower treble. The Renner action works well. Hard to find. Nice pianos.
– Ed Ting
Schulze Pollmann uses both sophisticated technology and handwork in its manufacturing. The pianos contain Delignit pinblocks, solid European spruce soundboards, and Renner actions and hammers. Interesting features include a one-piece solid lock (laminated) back made of beech on the verticals, agraffes on the larger vertical, and finger-jointed construction of all soundboards to prevent cracking. Many of the cabinets have beautiful designs and inlays.

The uprights are well built and have a sound that is warm and colorful with a good amount of sustain. The treble is not nearly as brittle sounding as in some of the other European uprights. Schulze Pollmann grands are likewise very nicely crafted and arrive at the dealer in good condition.

– Larry Fine