Schulze-Pollmann Italian Piano Lifestyle


Schulze Pollmann has successfully managed to add original elements of Italian taste and design with German technical knowhow, producing a remarkable blend of tradition, technology and elegance.

Over 150 years of piano building in the Italian and German traditions produces extraordinary acoustic results, an exceptionally rich and mellow sound and remarkable sound dynamics giving an ample range of volume and expression.

Players understand the difference that is made by positioning the action and keyboard to provide a perfect balance of leverages and appreciate how the highly accurate fine adjustments and settings give a firm and consistently sensitive touch. Schulze-Pollmann are famous for their extended envelope persistency obtaining the best possible intonation for the setting where the piano is to be used.

Artists understand that an instrument in part of the home and part of the decore; it must look as beautiful as it sounds and must be as fine as the rest of the furnishings. A piano is in itself a piece of art and as statement about yourself. Schulze-Pollmann pianos are available in unique finishes that will inspire any designer and impress any guest. The piano cases are hand crafted by Italian artisans using traditional tools and materials to create truly modern expressions.

Schulze-Pollmann pianos are unquestionably the finest pianos in the world.