Schulze Pollmann 118 P8 Mahogany Feather

118 P8 Vertical

Dimensions(HxWxL)1180mm, 1480mm, 580mm
SoundboardSoundboards are made from superior red spruce, Cierca from the Val di Fiemme. Panels are mortised together to guaranty uncomprimising solidity and resistance in any climate and glued to the supports using an exclusive system for maximum durability and sound transmission. The boards are tapered to produce the most pleasant sound from each string.
KeyboardThe Keyboard is a full 88-key spanning 7 1/4 octaves. Each key is created from carefully chosen woods with attention to the natural feel and nuances of touch and are then topped with a specially produced warp-immune topping. Every key is individually weighted from 52 to 48g and hand balanced by fine-tuned levering according to our proprietary in-house design.
Pedals3: Una Corda, Sostenudo, Sustain
RibsLong seasoned woods, chosen for their durability and resiliance are prepared to precise levels of humidity and stability.
FrameA traditional grey-cast iron frame is manufactured from a single block for maximum stability and resistance to stress. High-tech, precision tools are used to align tuning pins, hitch pins, and strings creating consistency and superior tunability.
RimHard beech inner and outer core help produce the uniquely Italian singing tones of the Piano.
PostsLaminated full-back frame and support beams offer outstanding rigidity and durability for the extended life of the instrument.
BridgeLaminated hard beech
PinblockDelignit pin-block is constructed of 15-ply beech ensuring outstanding tuning consistency.
Tuning PinsKlinke double nickle plated pins, reverse screwed
StringsStrings are made with premium Roslau steel and Degen copper. Base strings are wound with advanced automation with constant attention paid to physical characteristics to ensure that they realize the maximum acoustic potential.
ActionStuttgart Renner
HammersRenner, Mahogany
FinishesImagesHigh Polished EbonyEbony PeacockMahogany FeatherMahogany BriarMahogany PeacockWalnut BriarWalnut PeacockHigh Gloss Cherry